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This FAA UAS Facility Map is a memory hog.  Be PATIENT, it will load!  Check Map before each flight as this map is updated frequently.   This map is for Part 107 licensed drone pilots, and recreational flyers (Recreational flyers not within 5 miles of an airport).  If you ask the question “can I fly my drone here” you’re in the right place.  How to use Map?

How to use FAA UAS Facility Maps

Type the address where you want to fly in the search bar and hit the enter/return key.   For example, see the Dallas, TX UAS Map screen below.  Notice the Green and Red Grids.  Green means LAANC instant authorization is available with, Airmap, Kittyhawk, and Airspacelink.  If you want to fly in the Red Grids you will need a 107.49 waiver to meet FAA Part 107 Rules and Regulations.  The Max AGL (above ground level) altitude is listed within each grid.

If you need to fly above the listed Max AGL on the UAS Facility Map you will need to file for an Airspace Waiver thru the FAA Drone Zone website.  You can find more information on the resources page.

Drone No Fly Zones

When you encounter a no-fly zone there are a few more steps to obtain approval.  You will find that if you are flying a DJI drone it may say you are in a no-fly zone, however according to the FAA’s USFMS Map above you are not.  In this case, you will need to navigate to DJI’s website and submit a request to unlock the airspace you want to fly in.

Before you can apply for a DJI unlock request you will need to provide the following information.  Once you have added your personal information for the first time it will be saved for future use.

    1. Provide personal information and required materials.
    2. Complete Background Certification (Submit your personal information on FlySafe website)
    3. Submit Unlock Request.  We will walk you thru the process below.

How to Unlock a DJI No Fly Zone

    • Navigate to https://fly-safe.dji.com/unlock
    • Log into your DJI Account
    • Click Blue Box “+ New Unlock Request”
    • Agree to Terms
    • Select Type of Unlock request- Chose Custom or Zone Unlocking.  Zone is the easiest and this is what we will follow from here.
    • Add Device (Drone).  If this is your first time you will have to add Device/Drone Serial # and Controller Serial # to the Device.  After the first time you can just select your device from a dropdown menu and you don’t have to reenter serial #’s
    • Add Pilot.  This works just like add a device but if it’s your first time you just add your name.  The next time you use this portal you can select from dropdown menu.
    • Then Click next and it will bring up a map.  Search for the address you want to fly at.  The map will show an area in blue which is a DJI Drone Locked Zone.  Click the Zone you want to unlock.
    • Select Date and Type in Unlocking Application Reason (e.g. Commercial photo shoot)
    • Finally submit application.  You should receive approval within minutes.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page as we are always adding new content and resources to help you navigate Drone Airspace.  New helpful tips are coming soon.

  • How to get instant LAANC authorizations.
  • How to unlock your drone in DJI, and FAA No Fly Zones where you cant get LAANC Authorization.
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